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Last Look Single Barrier Reverse Convertible Certificate on FTSE 100 Index

ISIN: XS1817707752
Latest quote: 18:00:18 (29/05/20)
Bid (Quantity)
Ask (Quantity)
Underlying: FTSE 100 Index
6,068.90 GBP
No electronic trading: At the moment electronic trading is not available for this product. Please contact us if you require assistance.

Product functionality of Reverse Convertibles

Investor receives at maturity a predefined coupon plus either (i) the initial nominal if the final level of the underlying asset is above the initial or (ii) one delta exposure to the underlying if the final level is below the initial. While the investor forgoes some upside profit opportunities at the outset, the product typically repays him a high coupon rate. Due to its coupon feature, Reverse Convertibles are also referred to as Equity Linked Notes.

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