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Autocallable Certificate on FTSE 100 Index

ISIN: XS1852290847
Latest quote: 17:59:27 (29/05/20)
Bid (Quantity)
Ask (Quantity)
Underlying: FTSE 100 Index
6,068.90 GBP
No electronic trading: At the moment electronic trading is not available for this product. Please contact us if you require assistance.

Product functionality of Autocallables

Autocallables are suitable for investors that anticipate little change or a moderate rise in the underlying. On the first trigger date, if the underlying is above a fixed and a predefined level (i.e., trigger level), the investor receives an early payment whose redemption value amounts to the nominal plus a predefined coupon. If the underlying is under the trigger level, the procedure repeats for another term, which is normally one year. On each trigger date, the Autocallable gives its owner the opportunity to receive a redemption payment greater than the nominal.

If the process continues until maturity and the underlying is under its initial level but above the protection level, the nominal is paid out and the investor terminates his investment with no loss. If the underlying is under the protection level, losses occur. 

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